Arbol y casa


Our organic cultivation is the greatest guarantee with respect to the environment. Our methods of cultivation are entirely respectful towards nature.

We do not use any kind of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or genetically modified organisms, avoiding the contamination of soil and aquifers, and promoting the great biodiversity on the estate, where one can enjoy the exceptional richness of the wildlife.

A fundamental issue of cultivation methods is the integration of ecological livestock, mainly with ‘Segurena’ sheep, which allows us to handle in a completely natural way the olive groves.

Moreover, we bet in increase the biodiversity keeping almond trees and other fruit trees, holm oaks, and traditional masonry parapets, thanks to which constitute excellent shelters for wildlife.

We participate with SEO / Birdlife in the project "Olivares Vivos",
where our farm is example of biodiversity

Olivasres Vivos