Arbol y casa


The best guarantee for the quality of an oil is its chemical analysis

The following parameters guarantee "La Casona" oils:

  • Acidity: below 0.20 grades (amongst the best on the market).
    Measures the freshness of the fruit during its collection and cleaness during the extraction process. The maximum permitted for an extra virgin olive oil in the E.U. is 0.5
  • Peroxide index: Below 5.
    It measures the oxidation produced in the oil. The maximum permitted for extra virgin olive oil in the E.U. is 18.
  • K-270: Below 0,15.
    Measures the predictable oxidabilty. The maximum permitted in extra virgin olive oils is 22.
  • Oleic acid: Between 81 and 82.4%.
    Nutritional quality measurement of the oil.
  • Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E):Between 195 and 226 mg/kg.
    Potent natural antioxidant, not added, precursor of ubequinone, coenzyme Q10.
  • High concentration of polyphenols (800 mg/kg)

Our Organic extra virgin olive oil had won the "Lechuza Award" in 2004, 2005, 2011 and 2012,
and has obtanined a Honor Mention in the Health & Delight EVOOs Competition

Consumer Tips

Acido Oleico

If you consume olive oil in adequate quantities, the oleic acid will repair the membranes without gaining weight.

La Casona oils have high content in oleic acid (82.5% in 2015 harvest), monounsaturated fatty acids and biologically active which is part of the cell membrane of the human body.

Botella Oscura

Keep / Get used to keeping olive oil in dark glass container or in cans.

Oil contains chlorophile, a substance with a strong biological action on the matabolism and a stimulus in both, cell growth and hematopiesis. For this reason, our containers are mainly dark or opaque, preserving oil from the light which degrades the chlorophile.

En Crudo

If you can, avoid deep-frying. Use the grill, for any food like vegetables or meat and once cooked pour raw extra virgin olive oil over it; giving it an original flavour and bringing innumerable benefits to health.

To make the olive oil give these benefits, oleic acid contained can not be found in the form of "trans" (energetic state of the degraded molecule caused by temperature). In raw, our oil lacks of any trans forms, for this reason our is so healthy, but high temperatures while deep-frying can transform them.


Concerns with Do not worry for the appearance of sediments or turbidities, they are a gurantee of the presence of polyphenols.

Our olive oils have high contents in natural antioxidants (800 mg of polyphenols per kg of oil), which confers them a great resistance against oxidation and therefore stability and high nutritional values. Previous to bottling, we filter it through a 1 micra diameter mesh. the polyphenols, which are only partially lipsoluble, remain producing a slight haze in the oil.