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2,5 l tin can. Organic EVOO picual variety and early crop

2,5 l tin can. Organic EVOO picual variety and early crop

2,5 liters Can

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La Casona is an organic extra virgin olive oil made of Picual variety oils COLLECTED FROM EARLY OLIVES HARVESTING, and grown in a totally healthy and environmentally friendly manner.


This oil has been made in the traditional way and with limited production.


The dark glass protects oil from aggressive direct sunlight, preserving its premium quality. The glass keeps this organic oil free from toxic agents unlike other plastic containers.

Fruity, balanced and aromatic oil, with notes of green leaves, tomato, fig tree and almonds.


Intense, opaque green color, which is typical of freshly extracted Picual variety (not filtered).


It’s a premium quality, natural, delicious, healthy and unrivaled oil.


Awarded as the healthiest Extra Virgin Olive Oil by the Oleocanthal International Society


Bronze Medal of Aristoleo High Phenolics Awards 


Awarded with several Lechuza awards, given by Denominación de Origen Sierra Mágina.

The following parameters guarantee "La Casona" oils:

  • Acidity: below 0.20 grades (amongst the best on the market).


    Measures the freshness of the fruit during its collection and cleaness during the extraction process. The maximum permitted for an extra virgin olive oil in the E.U. is 0.5

  • Peroxide index: Below 5.


    It measures the oxidation produced in the oil. The maximum permitted for extra virgin olive oil in the E.U. is 18.

  • K-270: Below 0,15.


    Measures the predictable oxidabilty. The maximum permitted in extra virgin olive oils is 22.

  • Oleic acid: Between 81 and 82.4%.


    Nutritional quality measurement of the oil.

  • Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E):Between 195 and 226 mg/kg.


    Potent natural antioxidant, not added, precursor of ubequinone, coenzyme Q10.


Pilar C - 2018-01-30
Exquisito, y con premio al AOVE más saludable, una compra estupenda. Repetiré

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